Updated: All Rise, Critical Issues for Defense Attorneys

Are you a defense attorney working in or liaising with a treatment court? All Rise's Treatment Court Institute has recently updated "Critical Issues for Defense Attorneys in Drug Courts." Originally published in 2003, this publication serves as a reference guide for current or prospective defense attorneys who practice in treatment courts; it also provides useful information to policymakers and other professionals who endeavor to design, implement, modify, or improve treatment courts in their jurisdictions.

What really sets this publication apart are the quick-reference practice guides at the end of each chapter. These guides are designed for defense attorneys to use as a reference while in court in real time.

What’s New?

This revision was spearheaded by former public defenders with extensive practice in treatment court programs, along with other contributors, peer reviewers, and focus groups with subject matter experts.

The following are new additions:

  • Practice Guidance: Professionalism, Communication, and Collaboration
  • Equity and Inclusion
  • Training
  • Understanding Burnout and Compassion Fatigue in Defense Attorneys

The following have been completely rewritten:

  • The Role of the Defense Attorney
  • Ethical Considerations in Drug Courts
  • Legal Issues in Drug Courts
  • Treatment

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